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Beautiful Orchids

for Home, Garden and Greenhouse

Orchids are without doubt among the most beautiful and fascinating plants in the world.

We have attempted to give you an overview of some of the more popular orchid varieties we grow in our hobby greenhouse, along with their basic care and requirements.

If you have only a few orchid plants or are just beginning a collection, you do not need any special environment or equipment. A bright window sill or sheltered porch that receives some sunlight will suffice for all but the more difficult orchid species. But look out - once the orchid plant bug has got you, you will be shopping for a greenhouse.

Fortunately we live in an area within easy driving distance of several retail / commercial orchid growers and greenhouses. It is most gratifying to see plants in bloom. It is also the only way to experience their fragrance. By selecting one or two blooming plants each month, we now have several orchids in bloom every day of the year.

Check your local phone directory to see if there is an orchid club in your area and by all means consider a visit. You will find kindred souls and lots of good advice about orchid plants, supplies and suppliers, growing tips pertaining to your location, as well as occasional sales of surplus orchids at prices you can afford.

Some common and easy to grow orchid plants to start with:

Phalaenopsis Orchids (often referred to as the "Moth Orchid") are among the easiest orchids to grow and bloom in the home. The plants have a tailored appearance - in our out of bloom. They require situation, light and growing conditions similar to African Violets.

Cattleya Orchids, including huge and incredible selections of varieties and hybrids, are another good choice for beginners, provided you can give these orchid plants enough light without burning the foliage.

If you are interested in learning more about orchid care and growing, please make your selection from the menu to read about our experience with specific types of orchid plants.
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